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Let’s talk tailoring. A beautifully bespoke bed should fit in with the daily goings-on in your life as well as effortlessly suit your tastes. Is your bed a throne, to be decked in regal drapery? Or is it your workspace, reading corner and favourite breakfast spot? From headboard to base, dress your bed in any of our fine fabrics for a get-up that’s customised entirely to you.

Explore our range of fabrics below and imagine your perfect British bed coming together. We know a description can only go so far, though - so to look at and feel them for yourself, order up to six samples for free.

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Brecon Silver
Brecon Mushroom
Brecon Mink
Brecon Nutmeg
Brecon Gun Metal
Brecon Zinc
Brecon Sky Blue
Brecon Marine
Brecon Powder
Brecon Emerald


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Marlow Dove
Marlow Duck Egg
Marlow Dusty Pink
Marlow Stone
Marlow Mink
Marlow Iron


Fabric Information (More Info »)
Opera Natural
Opera Mink
Opera Pebble
Opera Ink
Opera Iron
Opera Anthracite


Fabric Information (More Info »)
Pavia Ivory
Pavia Silver
Pavia Dove
Pavia Titan
Pavia Mink
Pavia Mustard
Pavia Powder
Pavia Charcoal
Pavia Ebony


Fabric Information (More Info »)
Verlour Baby Pink
Verlour Deep Teal
Verlour Ebony
Verlour Emerald
Verlour Ivory
Verlour Midnight
Verlour Mink
Verlour Mustard
Verlour Pewter
Verlour Silver
Verlour Sky Blue
Verlour Slate
Verlour Titan

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Before you buy: Order free fabric samples

Sometimes colours and textures look different online. Order up to 6 free fabric samples before you make a purchase, so you know exactly how it looks at home. If you need more than 6 samples, give us a call on 0121 567 3131.